Bioresonance Therapy / Vital Field Therapy

Vital field therapy is also understood as a further development of bioresonance therapy. Vital field therapy with the Global Diagnostics device from VITATEC Products AG is a state-of-the-art therapy procedure in bioresonance technology.
Bioresonance therapy in Berlin-Charlottenburg
Bioresonance therapy in Berlin-Charlottenburg (Source: © Milan Stojanovic / Getty Images)

Measurement and Diagnosis

With the help of 2 adhesive electrodes, which are attached to the inside of the feet, the body is connected to the Global Diagnostics device. You do not have to undress for this. This measurement is carried out so that only the body-relevant values are measured and environmental influences do not falsify the measurement results. The entire measurement process takes 8 minutes and is completely painless. Close your eyes, if you like, and just lay quietly and relaxed until the adhesive electrodes are removed.

The electrical pulses emitted and received via electrodes applied to your body are generally outside of the perceptible range in currents and frequencies.

Once the body has been completely measured after the first measurement, the entire procedure is repeated to check the correctness of the measurement results. In the final step, the data is mapped and prepared for the therapist to examine.

Our analysis and diagnosis also include insights that are partly from traditional medical diagnostic methods.