Fasciae are connective tissue with a net-like tissue structure that surround all structures in the body and “anchor” them together. Osteopathic fascia treatment involves manual osteopathic techniques that target deep, superficial, parietal and visceral fascia.

Fascia treatment was mentioned and described at the beginning of the 20th century by the founder of osteopathy: Andrew Taylor Still.

Osteopathic Fascia Treatment in Berlin Charlottenburg
Fascia in Berlin Charlottenburg (Source: © grinvalds / Getty Images)

Fascia Tissue

Fascia tissue is a reticular sheath of connective tissue that supports and protects the muscles and organs of the body. In a healthy state, fasciae are supple, resistant, and free to move over and between the structures of our body.

  • false or relieving postures,
  • overuse,
  • injury,
  • disease, and
  • emotional stress

can lead to tension and restrictions in the mobility of fascia tissue.