What does an Osteopath do?

At Sensibible Osteopathy we initially discuss your complaint to gain an understanding of your case history and to fully appreciate your needs. We take all health aspects from birth to present into account when looking at your presenting complaint.

As primary health-care practitioners a large part of our training is dedicated to enabling us to make a safe and accurate diagnosis of your problem. To come to a diagnosis we may take post-opertive reports, X-rays, CTs, MRIs or blood test results into account. Occasionally, if required we may refer you to another medical professional specific to your needs.

In consultation with you, to find the cause of your problem a physical examination is performed through a variety of very precise and gentle hands on techniques; assessing attributes such as tissue texture, mobility, postural alignment, joint movement and muscle tone.

The likely cause of your problem is explained to you, in easy to understand language. After agreement on the treatment approach and expected timeframes involved, we apply carefully targeted and very gentle osteopathic treatment that may inviolve structural/functional techniques, visceral techniques or cranial techniques.

At Sensible Osteopathy we also have a vast network of paediatricians, dentists, orthodontists, orthopaedic specialist and a large number of other medical specialists.