Women's health

At our practice, we accompany women through all phases of life. For us, women’s health means understanding the subtleties of all stages of development and responding to your individual needs.

A changing body

The body changes over the years: from the rapid growth of a girl and through puberty to the body of an adult woman. Changes often become more extensive during prenatal and postnatal periods and as we reach our middle to later ages.

Encountering multiple challenges

The particularities of female physical changes often result in multiple challenges or burdens occurring at the same time. In addition to their professional lives, women are often tasked with most of the household chores and childcare. Another burden often borne largely by women during their later life stages is the care of other relatives or elderly parents.

Due to these additional burdens, women frequently supress their own desires and needs. We offer support and guidance to meet and overcome these challenges.

Focussed on your health

We are dedicated to assisting women with their unique experiences and feelings during all phases of life. Our mission is to support each and every woman during her life phases and challenges.

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Women’s health in Berlin Charlottenburg (Picture Credits: © Eva Katalin Kondoros / Getty Images)