Osteopathy and women's health


(Picture Credits: © Eva Katalin Kondoros / Getty Images)

Most women do not usually think of osteopathic treatment when suffering from problems such as pelvic floor dysfunction, bladder weakness, and pelvic, pubic or sacroiliac pain.

We can also give you advice with pelvic floor exercises, to strengthen and improve support of the pelvic organs.

We would be happy to further discuss your problem with you.

Notice: Due to our high aspirations for clarity and accuracy for the statements written on this page, we would like to note that there is no promise of cure or guarantee of alleviation of symptoms or improved health states with treatment for the conditions written on this page. The conditions and areas of application on this website are based on the experience and empirical findings of this osteopathic practice. Sufficient scientific data ( i.e. randomised controlled trials ) to substantiate the therapeutic effect of osteopathic treatment, is only available in a limited number of areas. We also take into consideration the possiblity that for isolated cases osteopathic care may not be appropriate.