Osteopathy for men

Praxis Sensible Osteopathie in Berlin-Charlottenburg - Osteopathie für Männer und Väter

Osteopathie für Männer und Väter in Berlin-Charlottenburg (Quelle: © Sam Edwards / Getty Images)

In the current climate of fast-paced living, long working hours and shared childcare responsibilities, men are struggling to gain a healthy work-life balance. Both physical work and predominantly sedentary activities present complex burdens on men’s physical health, leading to tension, back pain and other joint ailments that have become all too common.

Men are particularly susceptible to these complaints due to their lower levels of female sex hormones, which can lead to more rigidity, restricted mobility and inflexibility than is often found in women. Due to their hormonal balance, men often have more muscle, fasciae and connective tissue tension than women and can be at greater risk of injury.

Compounding this is the fact that all men often fail to address their nutrition, exercise and movement.

At Sensible Osteopathy, we are happy to give advice on how you can make minimal changes that will change your day-to-day experience and improve your general quality of life.

Notice: Due to our high aspirations for clarity and accuracy for the statements written on this page, we would like to note that there is no promise of cure or guarantee of alleviation of symptoms or improved health states with treatment for the conditions written on this page. The conditions and areas of application on this website are based on the experience and empirical findings of this osteopathic practice. Sufficient scientific data ( i.e. randomised controlled trials ) to substantiate the therapeutic effect of osteopathic treatment, is only available in a limited number of areas. We also take into consideration the possiblity that for isolated cases osteopathic care may not be appropriate.