Florian Buchmueller, BAppSc, MOst, DO(NZ) – principal

(Registered German naturopath, Osteopathy)

Florian Buchmüller, Registered German naturopath, osteopath, BSc, MOst, DO(NZ)
Florian Buchmüller, Registered German naturopath, Osteopathy, BSc, MOst, DO(NZ) – Paediatrics and Adults (Picture Credits: © Klaus Huber-Abendroth)

started his osteopathic training in 2002 at Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand. He graduated in 2007, with a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc) and a Master of Osteopathy (MOst) – the highest qualification in New Zealand and Germany. Over the next 3 years, Florian followed his passion for paediatric and cranial osteopathy working at a children’s practice in Wellington and Whangarei, New Zealand. In 2010, Florian returned to Germany to study for and complete the qualification of Heilpraktiker (naturopath), so as to pursue a career in osteopathy in his home country.

Having trained in New Zealand, Florian is an english speaking osteopath, fully bilingual and able to practise without limitations in both English and German. He has experience with osteopathy in New Zealand, the UK and Germany. As well as treating adults, Florian has a particular interest and expertise working with babies and children. He has completed a 3 year qualification in paediatric osteopathy and assists in teaching paediatric osteopathy in Munich and Berlin.

Other specialities of Florian are: Osteopathy during and after pregnancy, osteopathy for women, osteopathy after surgery and craniosacral osteopathy.

Florian is married to Victoria, a New Zealander, and they have a son (Otis) and daughter (Poppy).

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Laura Zinoviev B.Sc.Ost.

(Registered German naturopath, Osteopathy)

Laura Zinoviev, Osteopath
Laura Zinoviev, Registered German naturopath, Osteopath (Source: © André Schüssler, Foto Scene, Berlin)

I completed my osteopathic training at the Osteopathy School Germany (Osteopathie Schule Deutschland) in Berlin, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree after four years of full-time study. My thesis focused on premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in connection with osteopathic diagnoses.

Additional training as a sports osteopath has enriched my professional knowledge of osteopathy in relation to training theory, rehabilitation, and hormonal, neurological and organic integration. I have also had the opportunity to gain professional experience in paediatric osteopathy and paediatrics, and continue to expand my professional knowledge of osteopathy through numerous professional seminars and advanced training courses.

In addition to practising as an Osteopath, I am currently studying for a Master’s degree in osteopathy, which I will soon complete.

My areas of interest include:

  • Gynaecology
  • Children and babies
  • Athletes

In our everyday lives, we tend to take a working, pain-free body for granted. It is only when it hurts that we take notice and realise how essential it is to our well-being. It is essential that we shift our focus to a healthy lifestyle that better benefits and supports the body.

I have spent a great deal of my free time horseback riding and I like to explore foreign countries and cultures. I speak fluent German and English.

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Bruna Heer B.Sc.Ost.

(Registered German naturopath, Osteopathy)

Bruna Heer, osteopathy, Registered German naturopath
Bruna Heer, Osteopath, Registered German naturopath (Source: © )

I completed my osteopathic training at the Osteopathy School Germany (Osteopathie Schule Deutschland) in Berlin, where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree after four years of full-time study. Since then I have continued to pursue further professional training and clinical supervision – both of which I consider imperative to providing the highest quality osteopathic treatment.

My first encounter with osteopathy was as a patient recovering from a car accident, where I saw first-hand how osteopathic treatments helped me return to my day-to-day activities. In that sense, osteopathy is not only a profession for me; it is a calling. To me, providing osteopathic treatment means personally accompanying patients on their healing journey and attending to their unique needs as individuals.

As a practitioner I am interested treating the entire family, in particular the osteopathic care of babies and children.

I view osteopathy as an opportunity to perpetually learn and explore new things. My scientific work has focused on osteopathy’s integration into the health system of my native Brazil, particularly with regard to cooperation between osteopaths, doctors and therapists working in other disciplines.

Working with people one-on-one gives me a great deal of joy and inspires me to keep learning and growing both as a person and as a professional.

I like to spend my free time running, doing yoga, reading, and enjoying good food. I speak fluent English, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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Angelina Sukhareva, MOst, A.P.O.

(Registered German naturopath, Osteopathy)

Angelina Sukhareva, MOst, A.P.O. , Osteopathy
Angelina Sukhareva, Osteopath, Registered German naturopath (Source: © MDMPrint)

I was born in Moscow and moved to England aged twelve to continue my education there. After finishing school I enrolled into the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London and in 2019 was awarded a Master of Osteopathy degree with commendation.

Throughout the course, I developed a particular interest in paediatrics and pre and postpartum health.

Straight after graduating I began a specialisation course in paediatrics at the Osteopathic Centre for Children. It is a unique and leading institution for paediatric osteopathy and offers extensive knowledge and practical experience with guidance from their expert teaching staff.

While completing the award in paediatric osteopathy, I was also working full-time at a spinal health clinic in Norwich.

It is a great joy for me to join the Sensible Osteopathie team, as working in this clinic gives me an opportunity to do what I love while further expanding my knowledge and expertise in all areas of the osteopathic profession.

I am fluent in Russian and English languages and am continuously improving my German on the daily basis.

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Elfriede Buchmüller

(Reception, Administration)

Elfriede Buchmüller, Reception, Administration
Elfriede Buchmüller, Reception, Administration (Picture Credits: © Klaus Huber-Abendroth)