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Florian Buchmüller, Registered German naturopath, osteopath, BSc, MOst, DO(NZ)

Florian Buchmüller, Registered German naturopath, osteopath, BSc, MOst, DO(NZ)- Paediatrics and Adults (Picture Credits: © Klaus Huber-Abendroth)

Florian Buchmueller, BAppSc, MOst, DO(NZ) – principal

(Registered German naturopath, osteopath)

started his osteopathic training in 2002 at Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand. He graduated in 2007, with a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc) and a Master of Osteopathy (MOst) – the highest qualification in New Zealand and Germany. Over the next 3 years, Florian followed his passion for paediatric and cranial osteopathy working at a children’s practice in Wellington and Whangarei, New Zealand. In 2010, Florian returned to Germany to study for and complete the qualification of Heilpraktiker (naturopath), so as to pursue a career in osteopathy in his home country.

Having trained in New Zealand, Florian is an english speaking osteopath, fully bilingual and able to practise without limitations in both English and German. He has experience with osteopathy in New Zealand, the UK and Germany. As well as treating adults, Florian has a particular interest and expertise working with babies and children. He has completed a 3 year qualification in paediatric osteopathy and assists in teaching paediatric osteopathy in Munich and Berlin.

Other specialities of Florian are: Osteopathy during and after pregnancy, osteopathy for women, osteopathy after surgery and craniosacral osteopathy.

Florian is married to Victoria, a New Zealander, and they have a son (Otis) and daughter (Poppy).

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Jacqueline Tscharnke B.Sc.Ost. (naturopath, osteopath)

Jacqueline Tscharnke B.Sc.Ost., naturopath, osteopath

Jacqueline Tscharnke B.Sc.Ost.

(Registered German naturopath, osteopath)

After training as a paramedic in my hometown Cologne, I completed a full-time course in Osteopathy at the Osteopathy School Germany (OSD) in Berlin and graduated (B.Sc. Osteopathy) with honours and scientific work in cooperation with the Dresden International University. My scientific work explored the relationships between body posture and temporomandibular joint problems.

I have been able to expand my many years of experience in the treatment of children and adults both with various additional training courses and by shadowing the work of well-known osteopaths and dentists. I am currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Paediatric Osteopathy in addition to a training course in that field.

I am fascinated by the scientific and human aspects of osteopathy: My work with patients is a coalescence of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, enriched by my dealings with young and old. The osteopathic philosophy emphasises the connections between body, mind and surroundings, which is ultimately the defining feature of osteopathy as a form of therapy.

In my free time, I like to compete in standard dance competitions at the tournament level. The harmonious interaction while moving to the music brings a sense of balance to my body and soul.

I speak English and German.

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Elfriede Buchmüller, Reception, Administration

Elfriede Buchmüller, Reception, Administration (Picture Credits: © Klaus Huber-Abendroth)

Elfriede Buchmüller

(Reception, Administration)