Florian Buchmueller, BAppSc, MOst, DO(NZ) – principal

(Registered German naturopath, Osteopathy)

Florian Buchmüller, Registered German naturopath, osteopath, BSc, MOst, DO(NZ)
Florian Buchmüller, Registered German naturopath, Osteopathy, BSc, MOst, DO(NZ) – Paediatrics and Adults (Picture Credits: © Klaus Huber-Abendroth)

started his osteopathic training in 2002 at Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand. He graduated in 2007, with a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc) and a Master of Osteopathy (MOst) – the highest qualification in New Zealand and Germany. Over the next 3 years, Florian followed his passion for paediatric and cranial osteopathy working at a children’s practice in Wellington and Whangarei, New Zealand. In 2010, Florian returned to Germany to study for and complete the qualification of Heilpraktiker (naturopath), so as to pursue a career in osteopathy in his home country.

Having trained in New Zealand, Florian is an english speaking osteopath, fully bilingual and able to practise without limitations in both English and German. He has experience with osteopathy in New Zealand, the UK and Germany. As well as treating adults, Florian has a particular interest and expertise working with babies and children. He has completed a 3 year qualification in paediatric osteopathy and assists in teaching paediatric osteopathy in Munich and Berlin.

Other specialities of Florian are: Osteopathy during and after pregnancy, osteopathy for women, osteopathy after surgery and craniosacral osteopathy.

Florian is married to Victoria, a New Zealander, and they have a son (Otis) and daughter (Poppy).

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Sabine Korthaus

(Registered German naturopath, Osteopathy)

Sabine Korthaus, naturopath, osteopath
Sabine Korthaus, Registered German naturopath, Osteopathy (Picture Credits: © Verena Berg)

I successfully completed a full-time course in Osteopathy at the European College of Osteopathic Medicine in Hamburg (5,620 teaching units) after 5 years of study. Since graduating I have been able to continue my professional training and clinical supervision as part of what I consider a prerequisite for osteopathic treatment at the highest level.

Being an osteopath is more than a profession – it is a calling. To me, it means accompanying my patients personally and individually on their way to better health. My professional focus is treatment of the entire family, particularly osteopathic care for infants and children.

Working as an osteopath gives me the opportunity to learn and explore new things all the time. My scientific work has focused on the development and treatment of chronic pelvic pain. I investigated and tested the “efficiency of osteopathic treatment as compared to conventional therapy”. I get a great deal of joy out of working with people on a one-on-one basis and it motivates me to continue learning and developing.

Favourite leisure activities include running, yoga, reading and enjoying good food. I speak fluent English.

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Asal Falapoor

(Registered German naturopath, Osteopathy)

Asal Shabnam Falapoor, Naturopath, Osteopathy
Asal Falapoor, Registered German naturopath, Osteopathy (Picture Credits: © Justin Sokolowski)

I completed my studies in osteopathy at the University of Applied Sciences in Idstein and after four years of full-time studies I received the degree Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc). My scientific work focused on migraines, for which I examined and tested the “efficiency of osteopathic treatment compared to traditional medical therapy”.

During my internship, I was able to practice alongside recognized osteopaths who treated national league athletes. I also had the opportunity to gain professional experience in paediatrics and expanded my professional knowledge in osteopathy in the context of numerous seminars and training courses. In addition to working, I am currently completing a master’s degree in osteopathy and will soon attain the academic degree Master of Applied Science in Osteopathy.

My personal focus is:

  • to respond to the special needs of pregnant women (before and after birth),
  • babies and children,
  • gynaecology, and
  • athletes.

Providing individual recovery support for people of all ages is very important to me. I also consider the integrated relationships of the health system to be significance: body, mind, soul, and environment.

As a fitness trainer, I structure my free time with athletic activities, with dancing playing an important role. I speak Persian (mother tongue) and English fluently.

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Anne Bandelin

(Registered German naturopath, physiotherapist, Osteopathy)

Anne Bandelin, Registered German naturopath, osteopathy, physiotherapist
Anne Bandelin, Registered German naturopath, physiotherapist, Osteopathy (Picture Credits: © Julia Graf)

I began my therapeutic career by studying physiotherapy in the Netherlands (focus: manual therapy and sports physiotherapy), which I completed with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy with a first class honours distinction cum laude. After four years of practice as a physiotherapist, I started my five-year training at the Osteopathie Schule Deutschland (Berlin), which I successfully completed to become a “BAO-certified Osteopath” (as conferred by the National Working Group of Osteopaths Association, BAO, e.V.).

I gained my experience in working with children and babies through a multitude of hospitations, in particular through clinical internships and my 3-year additional training in osteopathic pediatrics. Working with adults and seniors is also the focus of my interest due to my experiences in rehabilitation practice. Treating the whole family across generations is paticularly close to my heart.

Regular further training for personal development and specialization as an osteopath is of paramount importance for me.

I love being out in the fresh air, e.g. jogging, hiking, swimming and gardening. As a “foodie” I enjoy good food for the body and good literature for the soul.

I speak fluent Dutch and have a sound basic command of English.

I am a member of the Bundesverband Osteopathie e.V. (BVO).

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Elfriede Buchmüller

(Reception, Administration)

Elfriede Buchmüller, Reception, Administration
Elfriede Buchmüller, Reception, Administration (Picture Credits: © Klaus Huber-Abendroth)