Babies and children

There is a common belief that, because of their young age, babies and children should be free of stresses and strains in their bodies. Passing through the birth canal is a stressful experience in which the baby is subjected to enormous force, as the uterus pushes to expel the baby against the natural resistance of the birth canal. This is a totally normal and physiological process. Nevertheless, long, difficult or very fast birth processes (caesarean sections or precipitated labour) can exceed the tolerable limits for your baby and may lead to tensions, moulding and deformities.

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When to treat?

It is never too early to treat.

Babies in Berlin Charlottenburg (Picture Credits: © Lloret, Evelin Elmest / Getty Images)
Children in Berlin Charlottenburg (Picture Credits: © ZoneCreative S.r.l./ Getty Images)
Babies in Berlin Charlottenburg (Picture Credits: © YsaL/ Getty Images)