Bioresonance Therapy / Vital Field Therapy – Treatment

The vital field therapy / bioresonance treatment is completely painless and therefore also suitable for very sensitive people and children. People with strong physical perception can sometimes experience tingling or heating of the whole body or parts of the body.

The duration of each bioresonance treatment is determined by your therapist on the day of treatment. The frequency also depends on the individual situation of the patient and cannot be quoted at a flat rate.

Bioresonance Therapy Treatment in Berlin-Charlottenburg
Bioresonance Therapy Treatment in Berlin-Charlottenburg (Source: © AndreasReh / Getty Images)

After treatment, you should pay attention to your fluid balance. You should therefore drink a lot of water. 2/3 of your body consists of water, and to be able to regulate yourself, especially after a treatment, you should drink plenty of water.

Prices for anamnesis and bioresonance therapy

  • Adults: 1 hour 121,40 Euro*
  • Children: 1 hour 101,40 Euro*

* Gemäß §4 Nr. 14 Buchstabe a UStG erhebe ich keine Umsatzsteuer und weise diese folglich auch nicht aus.