The Jaw

Teeth grinding, jaw cracking, excessive clenching, and tension in the jaw area are unfortunately complaints that are on the rise today. In medical terms, these dysfunctions are summarized by the term craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD) and refer to the area of the temporomandibular joint, malocclusions, and masticatory muscles.

In our practice we are often asked by patients why these complaints are treated so often today, when people went through their lives without complaints and osteopathic treatments 30 years ago. Probable malformations of the temporomandibular joints were also common 30 years ago, but these became less symptomatic as people were exposed to other stresses at that time.

TMJ Treatment in Craniomandibular Dysfunction (CMD) in Berlin-Charlottenburg
The jaw in Berlin-Charlottenburg (Source: © GlobalStock / Getty Images)

Unfortunately, our highly interconnected world and the flood of information that accompanies it, as well as higher demands on productivity at school and at the workplace, are causing much more tension today than just a few decades ago. It is all the more important that the body nowadays works in a balanced operating mode so that misalignments and malfunctions do not burden it unnecessarily.

At Sensible Osteopathy, we take the time for a comprehensive survey and observe the TMJ and the jaw in connection with the entire body.