Florian Buchmueller, BAppSc, MOst, DO(NZ) – principal

(Registered German naturopath, Osteopath)

Florian Buchmüller, Registered German naturopath, osteopath, BSc, MOst, DO(NZ)
Florian Buchmüller, Registered German naturopath, Osteopath, BSc, MOst, DO(NZ) – Paediatrics and Adults (Picture Credits: © Klaus Huber-Abendroth)

started his osteopathic training in 2002 at Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand. He graduated in 2007, with a Bachelor of Applied Science (BAppSc) and a Master of Osteopathy (MOst) – the highest qualification in New Zealand and Germany. Over the next 3 years, Florian followed his passion for paediatric and cranial osteopathy working at a children’s practice in Wellington and Whangarei, New Zealand. In 2010, Florian returned to Germany to study for and complete the qualification of Heilpraktiker (naturopath), so as to pursue a career in osteopathy in his home country.

Having trained in New Zealand, Florian is an english speaking osteopath, fully bilingual and able to practise without limitations in both English and German. He has experience with osteopathy in New Zealand, the UK and Germany. As well as treating adults, Florian has a particular interest and expertise working with babies and children. He has completed a 3 year qualification in paediatric osteopathy and assists in teaching paediatric osteopathy in Munich and Berlin.

Other specialities of Florian are: Osteopathy during and after pregnancy, osteopathy for women, osteopathy after surgery and craniosacral osteopathy.

Florian has a son (Otis) and a daughter (Poppy)

Memberships: Register of Traditional Osteopaths in Germany GmbH (ROD)

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Philipp Wahl, B.Sc.

(Registered German naturopath, Osteopath)

Philipp Wahl, Registered German naturopath, Osteopath
Philipp Wahl, Registered German naturopath, Osteopath (Picture Credits: ©)

I completed my osteopathy studies at the Osteopathie Schule Deutschland in Berlin and graduated with a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree after four years of full-time study. During and after my studies, I learnt more and more about the body through numerous treatments. The human body fascinates me so much that I have turned my passion into my profession.

What makes osteopathic treatment for babies and children so special is the mindful connection between therapist and child. I work closely with parents to understand their children’s needs and develop customised treatment plans. My goal is to help children to develop healthily and happily. Treating children osteopathically is a fulfilling vocation that enables me to make a positive impact on the lives of young people and their families.

Exercise and sport have always been important to me. As a result, I have been intensively involved with the human body and its anatomy and physiology from a very early age. I have tried out many sports since I was a child and therefore have first-hand knowledge of sport-specific injuries.

I have been working as a fitness trainer for 4 years and have seen time and time again that the right movements and exercises are the best medicine for many different ailments.

I speak fluent German and English.

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Sonja Schulze, B.Sc.

(Physiotherapist, Registered German naturapath, osteopath B.Sc., health science B.Sc.)

Sonja Schulze B.Sc., Physiotherapist, Registered German naturapath, osteopath B.Sc., health science B.Sc.
Sonja Schulze B.Sc., Physiotherapist, Registered German naturapath, osteopath B.Sc., health science B.Sc. (Picture Credits: © )

I have been a state-approved physiotherapist since 2012 and successfully completed my B.Sc. in Health Sciences at the same time. While working, I successfully completed a 5-year osteopathy course at the Osteopathie Schule Deutschland (OSD Berlin) and additionally obtained my alternative practitioner’s licence.

I am very enthusiastic and fascinated by the complexity of the human body and its anatomical and physiological relationships. In my osteopathic work, I treat each patient individually and holistically in order to address specific complaints and needs.

Thanks to my years of experience in physiotherapy, which focussed primarily on the musculoskeletal system, I have special qualifications in the treatment of orthopaedic complaints of all age groups.

I have always been fascinated by the topics of pregnancy and birth, as well as the associated specialist areas of gynaecology and paediatrics – not least because of the births of my two children. As a mother, I have great appreciation for importance of empathy, patience and sensitivity and bring these values to my osteopathic work with patients of all age groups.

My personal specialisms:

I am constantly expanding my professional knowledge through constant professional training in order to keep up with the latest scientific developments.

I speak fluent German and English.

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Elfriede Buchmüller

(Reception, Administration)

Elfriede Buchmüller, Reception, Administration
Elfriede Buchmüller, Reception, Administration (Picture Credits: © Klaus Huber-Abendroth)